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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Geocache Jr. came in, and other ramblings (okay, ranting)

Went ahead and bought this nifty little device for the geocaching I'll be doing. 

Was getting too frustrated with doing an app for gps on my phone.  Let me explain...    (insert blushing here)

I had gotten really sick of my phone dying way too fast, so I went to looking to see what all was running.   WHY is so much Google shit always freaking running??!!!  I went on a rampage one day and turned everything off on it down to the bone and thought that was the end of it.  But most of it would turn itself back on.  So, since my rampage wasn't complete, I decided to disable stuff...  a lot of stuff.   This took me hours to do, mind you, I was that angry.  I felt accomplishment after that, like I was giving them the finger, ha!

And guess what..  my phone stays charged four times longer now.   Hmm...  imagine that.   Google maps did NOT have to be on all the time.  Was like they were following me, and something about that just goes against my grain.  Maybe that's just me.   I don't want Google watching everything thing I browse while on the internet on my phone, just so they can shove more advertising bullshit in my face.  I could go off on a big rant right here and now about this, but I won't.

So anyways, now that I disabled so much that was ticking me off, I can't download apps on my phone.  You know what?  My world did not end.  Miraculously, I lived.  I can still pull up the internet on my phone if I 'need' to.  I say 'need' because it seems every time I do it turns on more Google bullshit that I have to force stop on my phone.  Argh!!!   Fuck you Google!!!!  

So now, I just avoid ever turning on the internet on my phone.      (I hear gasps all around the room on that one)     "But...  How do you LIVE without the internet on your phone?  Oh the horror!!"     Well folks, I am here to tell you...   I have internet on my desktop at home.  If I am not at home, that means I am away.  Who really HAS to have internet while you are driving anyways??  You are DRIVING...  turn that phone off!   And if you are driving, that means you are going somewhere, for a purpose I imagine, so why would you 'need' internet at say, the bank, or the grocery store, or the dentist.  I understand people get bored or have this insane need to always be posting freaking updates on social media...  why is that btw?   (separate rant for later  lol)  

Now, now, now...   don't get me wrong.  I know some people need it for business.  Or use it for directions.  I have no beef about that.  But it's abused now.  Most people in a restaurant nowadays, though, seem glued to their phone instead of talking to the people sitting right in front of them.  Something about that just irks me.   Turn your phone off!   If you are going to lunch with someone, have the common courtesy of actually being with them, instead of texting or updating your Facebook status.   "Got a cheeseburger at Ihop"...  whoopteedamndoo!!!

Hmmm....   I kinda got off subject here...   sorry.  *blush again*   So..  anyways,   Geocache Jr.    Yes, just went ahead and bought it because, as I was trying to show, I am fed up with the phone apps.  It wasn't worth the effort to restore it on my phone and the ensuing frustration over all the running Google crap.  Trust me, I spent hours one Saturday morning trying to figure out how to get my app store running again.  Said to hell with that.  Instead, I just bit the bullet and bought this device made for this kind of thing.  Was worth the $80 I spent over said frustration?  Yes!  At least to me.

Think I will attempt to try out the Geocache Jr. today, even though it's ugly out.  And yes, when I leave my house, that means I am out doing something and not going to be plugged in to the internet or social media.   If for some reason I need internet access on my phone, it's there.  But only when needed.  So today, I venture forth out in this scary world with no internet..   Guess what, I bet you I still live.

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Dazar Gaidin said...

i bought a handheld gps...definitely unintuitive, and they tear thru batteries like wildfire. the scam is they usually make you buy the background maps. i opted not to and used mine like a compass and used the distance reading to cache...on a twisty trail this can get confusing tho...i ended up taking hours to find a cache i coulda walked to in 5 mins from van. i hope the jr works out for you tho.

Pamela Boatright said...

I am about frustrated with all electrical devices anymore, haha. I will let you know how this one works out on this trip, though. Good part is I'm taking along my daughter who can download the app on her phone, so maybe between the two we can find some geo's out there. Thanks for the heads up!! :)