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Friday, February 13, 2015

RAWR! and spiders

Does anyone else remember the dreams you had the night before?  

I admit, I don't remember most and I dream a lot.   But on a few occasions, I remember them in vivid detail.   I will tell a few.

So it was mid 2012 and the night wasn't really any different than any other.  Other than, I scared the beejesus out of John.  Let me tell you the dream (and please... excuse my crazy) and then you will know how I scared him so bad.

So there we were, me and John had just bought a house in the middle of a secluded state park.  It was in like a forest area, trees all around, and the house was amid all of these wonderful trees and lots of greenery.  I remember you could only get to the house by a path.  It overlooked a small lake that was public to people.  My middle and youngest sis had showed up to see my house and I was showing them around and showing them the public lake.  Then I told them that I had my own private lake that was hidden and I went to show them.   (follow with me here...)

So we went on a short overgrown path that led to my tiny hidden lake was there.  It was surrounded by trees which kept it secluded and it seemed to be on a higher level than the other public lake.  In the middle of the lake was a huge rock.  We decided to swim to it and jump off it.  Of course, we already had bathing suits on.  I decided to start yelling 'RAWR!' when I jumped off the rock, and encouraged them to do that, as well.   Only, in my dream, they weren't yelling loud enough.  So I decided to show them.  "Take a really deep breath, then 'RAWR!!!!!".  They tried, but it still wasn't loud enough to suit me.  So I showed them again, this time, I really gave it all I got.  "You got to really yell it out like this (deep breath)..  'RAWWRRRR!!!!'".

Only...      I actually did that for real.  As loud as I could, as loud as I was trying to show my sisters how to do it in my dream.  From sound asleep to the loudest 'RAWR' you can imagine, in the dead of night.   Needless to say, that is how I came to scare the beejesus out of John, he was instantly awake and looking for something to kill.   I started laughing that point, laughing so hard cause I knew exactly what I had done.  Which is probably why I can remember the dream so vividly.  It took a while to convince John someone wasn't trying to attack us.

It was maybe a few months later another incident happened.  Only this time, it wasn't a huge bellowing sound.  It was actually a movement.

Anyone that knows me knows I have this unnatural fear of spiders.  Like, severe!!   And I admit to actually calling my daughter to come across town to kill a spider for me.  There I am terrified and hiding on the corner of the couch, my kid walks in, all knight in shining armor, walks across the room, takes off her shoe, 'whack!' and looks at me like I am an idiot.  True story.   Yeah.  So, anyway,  I am afraid of spiders.  I'm dealing with it.

On this particular night, spiders were after me.  But I knew somehow I was asleep and dreaming.  I knew it because I was laying on the bed.  Yet they were trying to get me.  They started crawling up the bed and towards me.  The biggest and the boldest, of course, came across the mattress and got to my leg, where I immediately kicked with all of my might.  Only..  you guessed it..  I kicked in real life.  So hard that all the covers covering both me and John were thrown off the bed.  Which scared John, yet again.  He sat bolt upright in bed in his ninja stance ready to kill anything that came our way, and all I could do was laugh.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell him it was okay, it was just me dreaming again.   Not my finer moment.  I have a real life story about them being after me in real life I may tell later on. 

Here's a funny one about a night of dreaming, and one I do not remember at all (hehe).  I will tell this one last dreaming story.  This one was years ago when I was married to my first husband.  He told me about this the morning after it happened.  Apparently I was dreaming something that didn't sit too well with me.  He must have been being a jerk or something I dunno, because I was told I sat upright in the bed, turned, slapped the shit out of him, laid back down and went back to sleep.   I have no recollection of this, at all.   I swears!


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