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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dairy Queen Tacos

Why do they only sell tacos at Dairy Queen's in Texas?   

It's a crying shame.  :(    I literally drove to Shamrock, Texas the other day, over an hour from where I live, just to get some tacos.  Only to get there and discover they didn't have the taco sauce.  Are you freakin' kidding me?!   That is like ordering a hot dog and they just give you a bun.  It should be illegal!!!  No taco sauce?   But..  that's what makes their tacos so damn good!

I am literally sitting here trying not to hit the buy button on Amazon to order 200 packets of the stuff to have on hand.  But then I just know I'd sit there and eat them by themselves.  What's in them that makes them so darn good?!   Crack?

Is there any wonder I picked the Texas state to go to first??    haha

*takes hand off the 'buy' button on Amazon and resigns herself to her bland taco existence here in Oklahoma with a dejected look upon her face...  sigh  ....stupid Taco Bell  :(  *


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