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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Van Gifts to Myself

Decided to buy a few things for myself for my birthday.  Here is the results:

I was having a problem figuring out the whole charging of the jumper pack while I am driving.  In the past, I had been having to recharge my jumper pack by attaching an extension cord to the back of the pack, running the extension cord to the front, then plugging it in to an inverter that was then plugged into the cig outlet.  It took a while, but it did work.  Was kind of a pain to move everything around to accomplish this, but it did work.

So instead, I bought this nifty lil $8 12v male to male plug.  The cord is long enough that it reached my already bungeed down jumper pack that sits on my desk, and it's long enough to be able to plug in to the cig lighter.  Driving around a bit today I juiced it up from almost full charge to fully charged in just a little bit of driving.  Was very happy about this. :D

Also, got another lil $8 nifty extension cord for a 12v plug.  It reaches from the bungeed jumper pack that is on my desk, behind it, around the bed, across the back, and fit to where I have the little DVD player.  That cord is so long, it can pretty much reach anywhere in the van I would need it to.  So now instead of moving that jumper pack everywhere 12v is needed, I can leave it where it is, be able to charge it, and have 12v available wherever I may need it.   Coolness!!!

And then there's the lumbar support thing.  Van Halen has zilch in lumbar support.  And driving as much as I will be, it's important.  So I got this:

Worked great!!!   Just enough support without too much.  And I could feel a bit of air back there, no more sweating back, woot!! :)

Today, I may try to put on my last gift to myself..  these.  :)

It had been raining so much I was afraid to try it until it dried out a bit.  Today might be that day. :D

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