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Sunday, May 10, 2015

More Texas Pictures

Thought I'd post some pics I finally got off my phone from the trip in Texas.  :)

Kiddo with the doggies at the beach in north Padre Island by Bob Hall Pier.  Them doggies were smelling EVERYTHING!!!!  haha

These were when we were chilling at the beach wasting some time waiting for my nephews ball game to be over.  That was our view...  Cookie approved.  :)

Chevy riding shotgun.

Enjoying lunch dockside at Rockport, Texas.  One of the fishing boats had my sisters name, Mary Jo, on it.  I had to be mean and send her this pic to rub it in we were down there..  I'm such a meanie!

Dad driving Van Halen, mom in front, HulaJohn in the middle getting to check out the palm trees.

The 'backyard' at my sister Becky's house.   Life is rough, huh?  :)


The view in front of my parent's place at Lake Corpus Christi, Texas.  So peaceful.

The Hibatchi grill we hit in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The show he put on was pretty cool.  :)   And then..  my damn Dairy Queen Tacos I finally got at the first place I could when we crossed over the Texas line.  Notice how I didn't even wait to take some bites before taking a picture?  haha..   Not sure which one of those meals I enjoyed more.  Seriously.  haha

Well I said I'd post them once I got them off my phone, and there you have it.  Yeah, funny things..  I can email them to myself, who'da thunk it?  haha   I know, I stooped.   Was just damned determined to import them by cord and too damn Taurus stubborn to think of a different way.  *shrugs*


New Age Nomad said...

Great pics! Dont you use picasa?

Pamela B. said...

LIke I said, I'm Taurus stubborn. I had transferred pics by cord before so I was determined it should work again, by gosh. And picasa? hehe.. I have a love/hate relationship to the 10 million things my smartphone uses. Feels like you need a college degree to master it's gazillion programs and apps, and once you do, they go and change it on you. I'd go back to a dumb phone if I could access internet on the twice I year I actually use it. *runs from the flying tomatoes*