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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Before Next Van Trip

There's a couple of things I want to do before going on my next trip in Van Halen.  As I am still waiting for the finalization of the big RV sale, have a bit of time to plan.

Of course, the extra house battery and wiring thing.  Will be getting my dad and possibly friend mechanic to look it over and get their opinions.  If nothing else, what I already have in the van meets my small electric needs.

Oil change, again, with Motorcraft oil, and some Lucas oil stop leak stuff.  Before the Kansas trip I was about a quart low.  Not too bad for 1400 mile Texas trip, the multiple around area trips and such and last oil change months ago.   But not great either.  If the stop leak stuff doesn't work, will just keep checking it and putting more oil in as needed.   Heck, it is only a $2550 van, no sense spending lots more $$$ to fix an oil leak when it really just leaked a bit over time and miles. 

Redo the plastic bins in there...  again.   Right now is kinda overkill, haha.   Have 4 huge bins with zilch in them.  These are for clothes, yes, but do I really need 4 of them??   I am NOT a clothes hog.  I will be taking driving type comfortable, multi-tasking clothing, and not too many, at that.  Basic mix and match.  I won't be eating at 5 star restaurants, so no dress up clothes needed.  Wash 'n wear, roll up tight to fit in bins.  Probably flip flops most days.  You get the idea.  Think I will get rid of the multi-level smaller white plastic bin, put all of those things in one of the big drawers and call it good.  Give it a bit more space for a small cooler for when needed.

Re-arrange the under storage.  Just for ease of use and organization.

I've decided not to take copious amounts of water with me.  One gallon of water = 8lbs, and it adds up over time.  Already have 4 one gallon jugs of water in there.  I plan on stopping at grocery stores for fresh food often enough, gallons of water is cheap.  And those fill up water dispensers are everywhere, cheap, and easy.  My beverages will be just plain water, as well.  Right now I drink room temp water all day, anyways.  I see no need for anything different on the road.

Buy a basic tool set.  Just be good to have....  not that I know how to use 'em.  ;)   lol

Research storage of propane and butane inside the van for the possible warm weather.  It's under the bed, shaded, right now.  As I will be driving all day with the dash A/C it will be okay.  And will be sleeping at night when it's cooler.  No problems there.  But what about when I want to possibly hike somewhere during the heat of the day?   And I may be over thinking this as I plan on going where the weather is more tolerable in both heat and cold. 

Would like to get some rechargeable batteries and a small solar dash type set up to recharge them.  They will be used to power up things like the fans and puck lights.  And the sun will charge them for free.

Otherwise, she's driving great and pretty much have everything else ready to hit the road.

Now...  just to plan WHERE!  haha  :)


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