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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I really don't mind it so much any more.  :)

I've heard it before, and know it's true..   'You can't die from lack of sleep'.  True, you could have some exhaustion issues that could cause some problems.  But in general, lack of sleep will not kill you.  Since hearing that, I do not stress over my occasional insomniac episodes.  I embrace them.

I was having dreams, again.  Sometimes your subconscious will tell you things, if you pay attention.  And I am the type whose brain never shuts up.  So when a dream wakes me up, my brain won't let it go and let me go back to sleep.  So, I just say to heck with it, and get up.  It's okay, really, I don't mind it so much anymore.

So what woke me up?  I had a dream there was an issue with my RV that is for sale, about to be sold.  Guess I am worried about the deal going through after all.  Trying not to be in my waking hours, guess my real self, my subconscious self,  is a little bit anxious about it all going smoothly.  Should be any day now.  I did go out there last few days, after all this horrid rain, and make sure all was dry and sound.  Nary a problem in there, it's all empty, clean, and waiting for the new owners to come get her and show her love.  Decided to start her to make sure all was well, she busted right off. :)

So I've been awake since 1am.  It's quiet, with the sometime dog barking interrupting the silence.  Sometimes I can do my best thinking at these hours.  I have a full two pages of stuff I've written down to either research, write about, or ponder.

Not sure what today will hold.  Supposed to have decent weather, might get some rearranging done in the van.  Had a mishap yesterday while on a Taco Bell run for dinner..  the smallest, tallest, plastic bin toppled over.  Guess I didn't secure it good enough.  I've been thinking of redoing it anyways, maybe going through it all again and purging things and condensing into a different bin and getting rid of that one all together.  Might have been the push I needed.

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