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Friday, May 15, 2015

I Was 38

I was 38 years old before I ever went to my first concert.

True story.  It was Hurt, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace...  at Corpus Christi, Tx.   It was their out door arena on Concrete Street there in Corpus.  

As I was a concert virgin, John did his best to keep me tame.   We did get close to the stage, with a lot of strange smells and all.   No mosh pitting, although I did hear of stories of his previous life with it, lol.  

Just putting this out there... my damn kid.. yeah.. she was a 'Crush Girl'...  like a Hooters girl but they go places...   When Korn come to town.. we were there, and that lil snot got to go backstage to see Korn and didn't take her mom, argh!!!!   wtf???

They actually went to see Slipknot without me one weekend when I was working.   *sad face*

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