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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Traveling with the Pooch

Am trying to figure out different ways to keep the Chevy doggy comfy when we hit the road.

Temps are going to be climbing up there pretty soon.  Got to prepare for it.  Not good to leave doggy's in cars in high temps, bad for doggy's. 

So far my ideas are to avoid stopping in big cities and touristy traps, sticking mostly to nature and state parks type of places, where she is welcomed.  Will also wait to do any grocery type shopping til later at night once it's cooled down some.  A windshield shade, front windows rolled down some, back side windows opened for cross ventilation, a 12v fan and water close by.  Have considered leaving it running with the A/C on and locking it, taking the spare keys inside.  Or, getting her a vest as a service dog and going only where she is welcomed. 

Will be trying out a few times this week, at different temps, the above mentioned scenario with the shade and fan and windows cracked and seeing for myself at what temps outside it reaches inside and at how many minutes it takes to reach what temps.  Maybe I should look in to getting one of those thermometers that you put inside and also gives you an outside reading with a small hookup outside.  Would be helpful on my trips. 

Other alternative is to beg Hotrod to let her hang out with him...  okay, continue to boss him around like she owns the place, haha.  Last resort, as she loves taking off in Van Halen.  But whatever route, gotta take care of lil doggy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pammy,

There's a handy item for traveling with pets called Car Window Pet Gates. We use these in the back windows of our truck, along with a permanently installed, decorative stick-on window graphic on the rear window that shades the back seat and a reflective sun shade in the windshield. These three items cut the solar heat gain in our truck drastically. Window film would help a lot too, if it's legal where you live. It's relatively cheap and easy to install. We also try to park so there is a good cross breeze through the back windows.

Thanks for thinking of your doggy's comfort and safety. Too many people just crack the windows an inch and think that's going to help somehow.


Pamela B. said...

That is so awesome!! Thank you for link, I haven't seen those yet. :)