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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Purging Stuff

Yesterday was yet another bout of purging stuff.

I have done this quite a few times in the past few years.  And it seems I still have too much crap.  I bet I can find another couple big trash bags full of stuff to donate to our local Meals on Wheels today if I wanted. 

Yesterday I weeded out my closet of stuff I just don't wear.  It's looking pretty bare now, but really, what's left is stuff I will actually wear.  Not things that might be tight now and if I lost a few pounds would fit again.  Not that pair of shoes for that one occasion I usually avoid going to anyways.  Not the bike panniers I've held on to for the past two years thinking I might actually utilize them (which I haven't, not once).  Not the plug in fan which someone might actually need, of which I still have two and could have gotten rid of another if I can remember where I put it.  Even went through the two bathroom drawers to weed out more stuff, yet didn't seem to get rid of much in them, to my dismay.

Stuff just seems to creep up on ya.  Like..  WHY was I holding on to this one huge suitcase?  It was John's, and the last time he used it was in 2005 when we went on a cruise.  Sure, it was nice to have at the time.. but that was 10 years ago.  Do you know how many times I have moved in 10 years??   Six times.  And it had to make that move and find a new place to store every time.  Got rid of a smaller one, as well.  Have one smaller suitcase left.  If I ever need it and can't fit everything in that one smaller suitcase, I think I have bigger problems than having a suitcase too small.  So two suitcases got the boot yesterday, as well. 

Like I mentioned, I have moved six times in the past 10 years.  That's quite a bit.  And I am not afraid to get rid of things when I move, believe me.  Usually fill up a dumpster or two of just accumulated crap, and also donate a ton of things every time.  Yet...  that stuff..    it slowly invades your life yet again.  I'm not moving or anything right now, maybe I'm just now embracing the minimalism thinking, who knows. 

I realize I have done the same thing in my campers I've had over the years, as well.  It's true.  Every camper I have had has had it's own set of extra everything.  Van Halen is my seventh in 14 years.  I like to keep my campers pretty much ready to go, always have.  I got that from my 'maw maw'. :)   But even in those, it seems that crap just starts accumulating.  When I was getting the big RV ready to put up for sale and had to unload all the stuff I actually completely filled up the entire back of my lil car, and my lil car can hold a crap ton of stuff, see? :

(Imagine it with the other seat folded down flat)

Gees!!   I guess the good and bad part of that was I had already owned most of the stuff that went into Van Halen to outfit her so I can live out of her while on my travels.  But dang, feel like I need to weed out the van now, too. 

Guess I'm stuck, now, on debating whether it is better to feel like you are packed and ready for almost anything, or paring everything down to essentials only.  Like, everything could be packed into a backpack besides the bed.  Would sure free up some room in there, that's for sure, haha.  But...  but...    lol

On a side note, after the Arkansas trip, I haven't replaced the plastic bin that sat behind the passenger seat.  That was where the cooler was.  Now that the cooler is out and that place is opened up it doesn't feel near as crowded in there.  However, have been reading some more on ideas and have thought of something.  If I bought a decent sized cooler, it could serve multi purpose.  For one, it could be seating.  For two, if it was large enough, could serve as a base for a shower.  For three, I could put a much smaller cooler inside and that would keep things cold longer, being double insulated.  For four, could also store other items inside when not in shower mode, like towels, curtain, bathroom stuff.  It's a thought, anyways.

Big RV should be sold this next weekend and then it will be time to look for someone to work on the tranny.  After that, Van Halen is ready for her next adventure.   Cheers!!

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