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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today I Say Goodbye

Today I am letting go of 'Fannie Mae', the RV.

I've had her for a year now.  Have had some fun adventures in her for sure.  Down to south Texas for my big 25th high school reunion and all the adventures that ensued with that trip (they were not all bad!!). 

(Fannie Mae being towed to get a new transmission)

The trip to southern Oklahoma and a fun 3 day weekend. 

(Chevy and Hotrod all pooped out after too much fun at the lake)

The trip across Oklahoma to get my daughter's new baby, Cookie.

(Cookie bear :) )

The time I took off and hung out at a KOA campground bout 30 minutes away just to chill.   The time my daughter and I went and stayed at a nearby casino, just cause.  The Thanksgiving we had at the lake an hour away.  The times I took her to my parents place and stayed in their yard, just cause.  And all the multitude of times I'd just go hang out in her, just cause.  She was my quiet little haven.  Place where I could think and write and read and cook and escape and just watch a movie, whatever I felt like that day.  She has been my own little safe getaway cottage that just happened to have wheels under her. 

I will surely miss her.  But I know she will be very happy with her new owners, Buck and Sheri.  May you have many wonderful memories in her!!  :)

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