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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Some Pictures Around Zion National Park

Have pictures from my phone, camera and tablet to wade through.  There are many!!  

Very thankful for the ones that had information plaques near them, or I might have forgotten many of the places these pictures were captured.

Utah was sure a beauty to see.  Think I will just post some and hope I can remember where they came from. :)

These were near or in Zion National Park.  Have tons more, or course, but don't want to over do it, haha.  The colors and the different rock formations were stunning, surreal.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was close enough to Zion to head over on one of our days.   Had seen it from the south side a few times in my life, first time seeing the north side.  Breathtaking, always!!! 


Randoms driving between places. 


Some pictographs we saw when moving between Zion area and Torrey, Utah.  The lowest picture you can probably see them better if you click on that picture and make it bigger.  The pictographs are pretty much in the middle of the picture.

Next up will be pictures of around the Torrey and Moab areas.  'Til next time!  :)

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