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Sunday, January 31, 2016

California HulaJohn Planting

I decided for California I would find the town where John grew up to plant the doll.

See, the place where I went, Quartzsite, Arizona, was only about 20 miles from Blythe, California, where John grew up.


I had talked to his sister, Lisa, before leaving and had a pretty good clue as to where their house was.  See, years before, on our wedding/vacation trip in 2001, we had went there.  He had shown me their former home, and actually visited his neighbor lady that still lived next door. 

"Yes, I remember little John." she had said. 

"That's me, I am little John." he tried to tell her.

But no, she was adamant, he was a little boy that lived next door.  He couldn't convince her that he was all grown up and standing before her.  I remember her house because it sat at the end of the street and was set at a diagonal to the road, and his house was next door. 

Lisa, his sister, had told me at the other end of the road, by the main road, was a bar that their dad sometimes took them to, so look for that.  The Horny Toad Saloon.  That's right folks, that's it's name.  Don't judge.

So, it took going down three roads and trying to back this back butt van out of some dead end streets, but I did finally find the house.  :D   Only....  They had chain link fence around the entire house, so I was a little afraid of going on to the property to plant the doll.    

What to do?

The Horny Toad Saloon to the rescue!!!


Yep.. that's right..  I planted the doll at the bar John's dad used to take his kids to at the end of the street where their house was located.  Hey, it's a public place, someone might find it, right? 

It was still kind of early in the day, so there wasn't anyone around.  I left it by the front door.  I hope someone found it.  :)

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