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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Arizona Hula Doll

So, I made it there and back!  :)

The gathering, or RTR as it's known, was awesome!  Met many new people, all great people.  I've never been around a group of people so accepting of everyone else in my life. 

There were big diesel pushers all the way down to small cars, no one was shunned for what they showed up in.  Thank goodness, haha.  After viewing some of the rigs, I was feeling a bit shamed for my poor set up.  But no, everyone was just happy to see everyone else there.

So my idea for the HulaJohn planting was to put her at the donation tarp.  The donation tarp is set up so that anyone that doesn't need something can donate it, and anyone that could use it could take it, free of charge.  That was my intention. 

However, when I had mentioned this to my new friends, Diane and Beth, Diane jumped on it.  "I want it!! I call dibs!!" lol.   So, I thought... Cool!!  Someone that wants it and would use it for it's intended purpose.  I did not have the doll on me at that time, was planning on getting it to her later.  This is where things go funny.  :)

Let me set this scene:  In between me finding out Miss Diane wanted the doll and me getting it to her, an unfortunate incident occurred.  I wouldn't put it on here unless she had already publicly told us about it.  (Diane, if you read this and want me to remove it, I will!).   I won't go in to all the details, but lets just say, there was a bonfire and lots of fun and a mix up while she was trying to get back to her rig.  Someone's light had not worked that night and she got confused about where she was and a tumble into a wash had occurred.  Along with other mishaps I will not mention. 

So, in my smartass-ed self thinking mode...  when I did find her the next night, I decided to give her the doll.  She was very happy to receive it!   But then, bwahahaha...   I asked her if she'd also like this...    then slyly pulled out a flashlight.   :D  I wasn't sure how she'd take it, but she died laughing.  So all is good!!  

And that is where my HulaJohn got planted for the state of Arizona!  :)

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