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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mini Getaway Planned

Will have a 2 day trip coming up. 

My daughter, Karen, is moving with her fiancé, Sky, to a town that is over 3 hours away from my town for his job.  They are in love with the new town, he is really liking his new work place, and they are happy.  :)  They haven't done the big move yet.  His company has set them up in a camping travel trailer at an RV park for now until they can find their own place.   As they still have a home here, there is some back and forth driving going on.

They were  also borrowing my little Pontiac to drive.  Sky had been using a work truck, but since the transfer they didn't have one available to him.  I had Van Halen to drive so I had my extra little Pontiac I was letting them borrow.  This past weekend, however, his family loaned him one of their extra vehicles and he felt better driving theirs as opposed to mine, should something ever happen.  I understand that. 

So, tomorrow, Tuesday, my daughter will be driving the Pontiac back to me.  I will drive her back in Van Halen and stay over.  That will give me a chance to check out her new town and get to visit.  Will be camping in Van Halen that night near where they are parked.  No hook ups for me, I don't need them.  :)   Will be stealthin' in an RV park, haha!!  I might pack an extra extension cord and plug in fans and run it from their camper for extra cooling off from the heat.  Shhh....

Not a big trip, but it is out of town, exploring a new town, and getting to camp in Van Halen.  Haven't really slept in her since the Texas trip.  :(   Well..  except for that time when I went out there in the evening to 'read a book' and promptly fell asleep for a few hours, haha!!


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