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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arkansas Today

Will be doing Arkansas this weekend.

Not a huge trip, just a two day thing.  Just going over the state line around the Fort Smith area.  Following a couple of bikers and meeting up at ole man's friend's place.  BBQ and pool fun tonight.

I'll be riding with 2 doggies.  :D

Van Halen was running fine all this time, and lo and behold, she started running hot Thursday evening.  Mr. Super Duper Handy Ole Man went to work on her, cause Ms. Pammy was not going without Van Halen.  So here is what went down with repairs....

New thermostat Thursday evening.  Old one was barely opening up.  Well, that changed, and still ran hot.  Upon further inspection, found some more problems, radiator wasn't pushing fluids, and the inside fluid was brown and gunky looking, not cool!

So bright and early Friday morning Mr. Super Duper Handy Ole Man got to work, worked all dang day in this heat, high humidity and no wind.  He put in: new radiator, new fan clutch, new water pump, and new belt.  Also got new A/C compressor and accumulator, didn't change it out yet since the A/C was still holding 90lbs of pressure, but I will be taking it with me in case it needs changing on the trip.  Case of Freon and tools are going, as well.  Van Halen is purring and the heat gage stayed where it should have been.  Happy Happy Pammy!!   (Thank you Tim!!)

Will be taking some pictures and posting them after the trip.  Cheers!!

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