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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Flipper No More, Different Direction

Well, as things happen, life changes.

I kind of had a house fall into my lap.  Well, a mobile home.  But, it was cheap!  Like $1500 cheap.  Yeah.

So, sold the Dolphin and made enough off of it to pay for a home.  BOY did it need work!!!!!

Have been working on it just over a month and the improvements are quite impressive, if I do say so, myself.

Here's some pics of before:

Had a fence, new paint, not too bad.  :)

Some landscaping... I hope I don't kill these flowers. 

Decent porch on her, decent size.

Yeah...  the rest of these will show how much work is going to be needing done.


(notice, they took out the shower... hmm...)

And the smell, omg!!!!    Lots of pets, 3 little kids, and I swear, they didn't EVER clean. 

For example, that newish looking fridge that was less than a year old took me and my sister 2 hours together to clean.  

We decided to paint the whole darn place white, so it'd be bright and clean looking.  Replace nasty carpet and put in kitchen flooring. 

Will put in a Part 2 to show what a month's worth of work accomplishes.

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