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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Laughlin Nevada

This July 30th will mark the 15th anniversary, or would have been, of John and I's marriage. 
We planned a week long trip that was a few things rolled into one:  vacation and wedding.  We took my 12 y/o daughter with us, of course.  All 3 of us loaded up in my little 2-door Chevy Cavalier for a week of fun.
Our main stop was in Laughlin, Nevada.  For the gambling, and for the wedding.  We had friends meet us there, very very good friends, to attend our wedding.  His best friend in the world, David, was his best man.  My daughter was my maid of honor. 
We stayed at the Colorado Belle, a casino designed to look like a riverboat that sat right on the Colorado River.  I researched ahead of time and snagged some rooms cheap.  As well as, applying for marriage license early to marry across the river in Bullhead City, Arizona. 
So while on this trip, I snagged a picture of that same casino as I was driving by, sent it to my daughter. 
I wished I could have stopped there, but this trip was very hectic.  It didn't feel right for a hula doll planting.  I'd rather go on my own, in my own way.  And not by flying there, but by driving.  That is more meaningful for me.
Well anyway, here's a few pics of this recent stay in Laughlin, Nevada.
Pics are of the villa at the Golden Nugget they put us in.  Couldn't have had any better weather!!  Gorgeous high 70's, light breeze.  And this villa sat right on the Colorado River. 
Three bedroom, 3 1/2 bathrooms, private high walled gates right next to the casino.  This is where they put the famous people that come to town to perform for the casino.


That last one was my room, lol.  Hey, a free trip, you take what you get. :)
A person could get used to this, I suppose.   Honestly, I felt like an imposter the entire time.  I soooo don't belong here, lol.  But it was nice to experience this side of life for once.  :)

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