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Friday, February 12, 2016

Quick Trip to Texas

Heading out next week for Texas.

My RV sister is having to go to south Texas for a business luncheon, taking my other sister who works for her with her.  For this trip, she traded for a Class B RV that they are taking for this trip.  So my mom and I are going to go, also.

While on this trip, mom will get to visit with her sister's in Rockport, Texas.  Mom and I will stay in Rockport a few days while my other two sisters are doing their business thing.

After their business luncheon, they will pick us up and we will head to little sister's place near San Antonio for a few days. 

Here is the rig we're taking, along with a few pics of the inside:

The thing is pretty roomy inside for a Class B.  Three seperate sleeping areas, and full bathroom.  The dinette slides out giving it an open feel.  I like it.  :)  Hope Van Halen doesn't get too jealous, haha!!


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I left a PM for you on the forum. Don't know how often you check in.

I'm excited for your latest adventures!!!

Milind Mody said...
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