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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

High School Story

True life story of what happened to me in my junior year of high school.

Was at a new school, in the small rural town of Erick, Oklahoma.  We had just moved there, I was a junior in high school at that time.  I realize now that it was not a big deal, being a small town, but I was new there and very nervous about fitting in.

I had and English class assignment to write a story.  Well..  my brain took over, haha.  That's all I got to say.  I got creative, haha.  I handed in my assignment.

The day came for the teacher, Mrs. Reynolds, to talk about the stories she read.  She got in front of the class and decided to read one she found pretty good.  And OMG, wouldn't you know it, she was reading mine!!   I could have crawled into a hole in the floor if there was one.  

I sat there, frozen in embarrassment, listening to her read to my fellow classmates my story.  So worried about how they would react to it, stupid worry.

Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds, for never disclosing the source of the story.  :)   Here is a gist of what I wrote to the best of my knowledge:

"I am here, sitting in the dark.  Alone.  Scared. 

I see no light, I have no way of moving. 

Suddenly, a small dot of light comes on.  I can see it, through the murky water. 

There is an eye peering down on me.  Looking at me.   Judging me.  I don't like it here.  This eye is still staring down on me. 

Again, I am left alone.  In the dark. 

All of a sudden I see a bottle above me with the words 'D R A I N O" on it.  (I did mis-spell this in junior high, lol)

Some thick stuff comes splashing down upon me, weird stuff.  And then..  I start moving.

WHOOSH!!!!   I start descending downwards, like a kid on a waterslide, down, down, down.

I am free!!!!!!  Weeeee!!!!

I am hair ball."

Yeah..  such was my brain in high school.


C. J. Hall said...

Ha! This is a very creative story. Very dramatic. When you are traveling a lot, I think you'll find your creative side takes over more and more.

Pamela B. said...

Why thank you! :) I believe my H.S. one was more embellished, but that was pretty much how it went. Thanks again!