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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Van Halen Heading Into Shop

Will be taking the girl to a mechanic next week to see about the tranny issues.

It did a few things that made me nervous.  A big rev up in first or second gear, then jerking when it got into gear.  I was told that is the tranny slipping.  Not cool.  As she is still drive-able now, went ahead and made an appointment to a guy both my dad and uncle liked and trusted with their transmissions.  They both have been working on cars all their life, so if they trust him, I'll trust him.

Will probably need tranny rebuild.  Ugh.  Not $$ cool.  But, better than being stranded on the road later on, miles from home.  Has got to be done if I want to keep taking her places.  Here is a good reason right here:

If you want to see places like this, you must keep the Van on the road!!   :)

While she's getting the tranny fixed, will also have the mechanic look into the dying putting it in reverse thing as well. 

After that, will have to figure out how to replace el fund-age, lol.  That, and figure out where I'm heading next.  There is the RTR (a gathering for like minded peeps) in Arizona in January I'll definitely be going to.  But before that?  Who knows.  Depends on how much $$ is left over.  Maybe a little trip early November, so I'll be around come Thanksgiving.  Can't give up that turkey, yo!  :)

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